Keeping you on the road all year round


From simple things like changing your In Car Entertainment to body kits and spoilers EVM can help you transform your car from an everyday runabout to the car of your dreams.

There are so many options available for every part of your car both under the bonnet and on the bodywork that it can be easy for you to get totally confused about what you really want and need. Get in touch with us and tell us what you want. We can then source the best parts for your vehicle and fit them quickly and at the best price.

We have recently started refurbing alloy wheels. This can bring your wheels back to the brand new look at a fraction of the cost of a new set of alloys. We can restore them to original finish or if you fancy something different have them powdercoated to a brand new colour!

 Audi wheels, kerbed and scraped, back to brand new condition

Anything and everything is possible!